ArtTiles Demo
A puzzle game requiring you to match different pieces of a picture until they form a continuous image... while it randomly flips the pieces back. A futuristic jigsaw puzzle frustrating for adults and teens.

Shockwave version (419k)

RaceTrack Demo
Design the perfect race track for a dangerous demolition derby. Drag different sections of track onto the field and sit back and watch while 2 cars randomly navigate ramps, bridges, intersections, curves and crash-through barriers before eventually plowing in to each other. Exciting for kids, teens and adults.

Shockwave version (128k)

SpaceHouse Demo
Construct your own living quarters on a rogue asteroid. Drag hi-tech building parts onto the landing zone to create the ultimate in 21st century modular housing. These aren't your father's Lincoln Logs. Fun for kids, teens and adults.

Shockwave version (69k)

Dinosaur! Demo
Match 15 pairs of dinosaurs by clicking on pairs of numbered doors. Develop memory skills that you forgot you had. Easy for children of all ages.

Shockwave version (41k)

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